Urgent Care Center in Delaware

What is an urgent care center?

  • In most states, the typical urgent care center (walk-in clinic) treats patients that can not wait for a routine doctor appointment.
    • Most of these patients have illnesses and injuries that do not require the services of a hospital emergency department but do need a skilled evaluation and treatment.
  • A typical urgent care center:
    • Offers x-ray services and basic laboratory services
    • Does not treat true emergencies, such as acute chest pain, severe trauma, or other life-threatening emergencies. These are best treated in the high resource local emergency department.





Why don’t we call Go-Care at Abby Medical (Newark, DE) an urgent care center?

  • Our clinic does offer services that are offered in typical walk-in clinics that are generally called “urgent care centers” in the rest of the USA.
  • The State of Delaware has unique rules that require a facility licensed as a urgent care center in this state to meet rules that are generally reserved for large hospital emergency departments.
  • Go-Care at Abby Medical does not meet this Delaware-specific definition for an “urgent care” under the rules of the State of Delaware, nor does any other Medical Aid Unit in Delaware.
    • This is why all walk-in clinics in Delaware use the term Medical Aid Unit as opposed to urgent care.
  • For members of the public, who are aware of the definition generally used to define an urgent care center;
    our clinic does meet the criteria that define an urgent care as published by the Urgent Care Association of America.









*This simply means that we are well-prepared to deal with most non-life threatening medical problems and provide you with exceptional care. For true emergencies however, members of the public should call 911 or go immediately to the nearest hospital emergency department.